Helping good cause

Hi all,

this time we are not announcing new product or service.

We would like to get everyone onboard and encourage everyone to support our good friend Mat Bowtel, who is helping people without anything in return.

Mat is 3D printing hands and arms for people who are not as fortunate as most of us.

Mat started a campaign that if successfully funded would allow him to help people free of charge that can’t afford it themselves.

So lets dig deep and provide support to Mat.

He has also started Patreon account for those who would like to donate every month as well

Link to the camaign


thanks a lot to everyone

TPE and TPU update

Hi all,

we would like to inform you that we are changing TPE grade. it is going to be more like Ninjaflex – slightly harder. New grade is going to be Shore A 85 (it used to be 80A). some of the filament is still softer stuff. New grade has better mechanical properties and will be more forgiving on your printers 🙂

Also we have added new colour – Silver. The stock should be updated shortly.

On the other news – from next week you will be able to buy Aurarum TPU filament. it is going to be available in Natural, Black, Red, Silver, White and Blue colours to start with.

Most of you have experienced TPU from other suppliers. For those who never tried it – it is even harder wearing stuff than TPE. Very flexible and very difficult to break.

We hope you will enjoy the new colours and new material type.

don’t forget to visit our store at we have growing list of new items – including some RC toys.


We are starting new year with our latest product Wombot Ceto

It is similar sized 3D printer as our popular Exilis XL.

it is a dual extruder, enclosed 3d printer with a build volume of 250x250x340

Still open source, still has auto levelling. Price is only $1,595 (AUD).

why don’t you guys compare our 3D printer prices as a $/cm3 with other printers. I wonder what will your findings be 🙂

buy here Wombot Ceto

New family member – Wombot Skeletus

Hi All, we are happy to introduce our new family member – Wombot Skeletus

it is fully enclosed, 400x400x500 3d printer.

Dual MK10 extruders, auto levelling, solid body printer.

Still open source as all our other printers

Australian design and build

Price – AU$3,250 + shipping (on special until Christmas at $2,750)

You can get it here

The wait is over. Exilis now will come in a kit form

Hi all,


the wait is over. Our well-known Exilis XL now will come in a kit form to give you even better pricing 🙂

and even better – the kit will come with all wires required and you will not have to solder or extend of them. but that’s not all – the MKS Gen board will come with firmware pre-loaded as well. so that you don’t need to install the software and learn how to use it.

You can order Exilis kit in here