Flashforge 3D printer nozzle readjustment

Flashforge 3D printer nozzle readjustment

sometimes you might notice that one of the nozzles would interact with the layer done by the other nozzle. This mainly due to the height difference between the nozzles. This can’t be fixed with bed adjustment – it needs you to undo remove the extruder and re-level the nozzles

The procedure is the same for all of the Flashforge printers. you can find the process in this video.

Nozzle adjustment process

Remember that 3D printing sometimes might a little bit challenging if your equipment is miss-aligned. So make sure that you look after your printer and it will look after you.

Got Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer? How about turbo fan upgrade

Do you have Flashforge Creator pro 3D printer?

Do you print much with PLA?

No we have in stock Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer Turbo fan upgrade kit.

After you install the fan you will be able to have an active cooling.

This is complete kit that comes with Turbo fan, mounting plate, bolts, duct and extensions leads. All you needs is just to install it πŸ™‚ And the best part – these parts are genuine Flashforge 3D printer parts.

This fan mounts on the side – just like in the Dreamer.

Flashforge Pro Turbo kit

carbon fibre 3D printing filament

Some people are waiting carbon fibre 3D printing filament to try

Carbon fibre sample should arrive next week. Even though I am not convinced that it will make much difference in strength can’t wait to start testing it πŸ™‚

Same filament supposedly would be stiffer/harder and would become conductive.

Do not expect it to be a super conductor, but some conductivity is expected.

And yes – it would be black only


We will be attending 3D Printing showcase in October in Melbourne


see you there

“3D Printing Showcase

The third 3D Printing Showcase will bring together the latest technology, ideas, innovations and experts under one roof. Β Hosted by The University of Melbourne and Quantum Victoria this free event is an opportunity for researchers, technology enthusiasts, industry partners and anyone curious to discover how 3D Printing is shaping today’s world and meet the people and companies making it happen.”