How about new competition?

I am thinking maybe it is time for another competition. This time you will have to work a little more.

If you guys would like to participate upload your creations to the page and we will vote who is the winner. It has to be printed by you. Extra points for your own designs and not something downloaded from Thingiverse 🙂

Winner will get 1 0.5kg spool of either ABS or PLA (colour is subject to availability).

I think we would need a minimum of 10 submissions.

Timeframe – 4 weeks. Spread the word – the more the better

If we will have enough participation we might make it monthly event.

Wombot is not an animal – it is a 3D printer

Wombot 3D printers

Meet our newest family member – Wombot 3D printer.

The junior is called Wombot Exilis – it is one of the range – the smallest one. Our smallest probably bigger than most of the big ones 🙂

It has a build volume of 200×200 (you could actually print wider) and nearly 350mm high and the price starts at only $649. It has been designed by us – in our factory and not somewhere in China 🙂

It has LCD screen, SD card printing, auto bed levelling, trapezoidal lead screws – just few features to name. oh and can print down to 50 micron layers.

It comes in a kit format and has everything that you need to assemble and start printing. All you need is some basic skills and a little bit of soldering.

It is first and smallest, but not the last one. In the near future I am planning to release some larger sizes as well. At this stage the sizes are not confirmed yet, but all I can say it might have more than double footprint.

you can find them either on our website or visit

we even offer flat rate international shipping of $135AUD. having in mind Australian dollar rate it makes it very attractive value for overseas buyers.