Software of my choice

Hi all – again 🙂

As you can imagine there are lots of 3D design software packages – some are free and some are paid. Some are more complicated some are easier to use.

Have you heard about Autodesk Fusion 360? The link is below.

It is really sophisticated design package. I would say it is maybe even better than the Solidworks. You can start with simple shape designs using standard extrude options or if you are advanced user you can use parametric designing. In such a case if you change one dimension the rest of the dimensions would be updated automatically. It save a lot of time. The other benefit of it is the timeline – you can go through the steps and change/revert back at any stage.

One of the most rare options is the thread designs. It is so simple to make the thread that you would be surprised.

The biggest difference between Fusion 360 and Solidworks is that the Fusion 360 is available for free to the hobbyists and/or education users.

And the link to the software is:

Autodesk Fusion 360

Have fun and remember that 3D printing is only limited by your imagination.