TPE and TPU update

Hi all,

we would like to inform you that we are changing TPE grade. it is going to be more like Ninjaflex – slightly harder. New grade is going to be Shore A 85 (it used to be 80A). some of the filament is still softer stuff. New grade has better mechanical properties and will be more forgiving on your printers 🙂

Also we have added new colour – Silver. The stock should be updated shortly.

On the other news – from next week you will be able to buy Aurarum TPU filament. it is going to be available in Natural, Black, Red, Silver, White and Blue colours to start with.

Most of you have experienced TPU from other suppliers. For those who never tried it – it is even harder wearing stuff than TPE. Very flexible and very difficult to break.

We hope you will enjoy the new colours and new material type.

don’t forget to visit our store at we have growing list of new items – including some RC toys.


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